May 12, 2010

How About Another Giveaway on Ur College Fashion Blog

Hi guys, this is going to be a quick post geared toward wanting some input from you. I am currently in the process of setting up a giveaway on my blog. I need to get back with the sponsor soon to give them the details.

This is not the first giveaway I have done on this blog and others have went over fairly well, but I think that I could have made it easier for the participants. Also I hope this giveaway will be a little more valuable than the first few, say $150 in prizes, verses the previous $25 or $50 amounts. That's yet to be determined but doable with this sponsor.
Give me some ideas on why you do not enter blog giveaways
  • Too many hoops to jump through
  • Prize not worth it or something you wouldn't use
  • Contest lasted too long
  • You make me blog about it, tweet about, and on ...
Of course I could go on and on as I've just clicked out of blogs with too many hoops to jump through just to win a $25 gift card or something. So that's obvious. I've used survey questions using Survey Monkey and it's actually a little more work for both me and contestants. So for this one I definitely won't be using it. I've sent entrants to sponsors' site to pick out the prize they liked but hopefully you'll do that to see what the hell your getting anyway.

Here are some of my ideas I might use
  • Just comment saying 'Hey Bloggings Fun'
  • Subscribe in Reader
  • Retweet with Hashtag
  • Tell me what my last giveaway was
I really just want to make this fun and provide my regular readers with some payback for frequently visiting. After All that's what it is all about anyway. Gaining new readership and subscribers is always a plus but most of those unsubscribe after the giveaway is over. And what about extra entries? Say comment and Retweet for two entries. Is that asking too much?

So what input do you have? How long is too long, how short is too short for you? What turns you away from entering? Any suggestions and feedback is greatly appreciated so if you'd comment and let me know I can get this going and who knows if you enter you might win some cool stuff! Thanks ahead of time for your help.

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